16 Dec

What to expect

So, you have booked us to play your special day, what can you expect from us, will televisions be thrown out of windows, will cars be deposited in swimming pools? These are some of the important questions that clients are never asking us.

Firstly you can expect us to turn up promtly at a pre-agreed time in order to set up and sound check. We will need about 1 hour to get the speakers set up, the sound levels to be set and our personal mascots to carefully placed. It always easier if the room is empty so we don’t disturb the partying, but it is not a problem if not. For wedding events there is often a natural lull in proceedings after the wedding breakfast and before the evening frivolities where the room gets turned around by the venue staff and we sneak in to set our equipment up. We will then play one or two songs to make sure everything is working, and then clear out the way. If you want us two we can put some background music on while your evening guests arrive.

Many couples have a first dance, which we will play on CD, this is a good opportunity at the end of the first dance to get everyone on the dance floor and really get the party started. We will usually play for 45 mins to one hour, then have a break. Often food will be provided for the evening, and when it comes to food vs dancing, the food usual comes out on top! So while the food is served we’ll have a break for an hour or so. Then get the party started again, this time turning up the energy a little. In between the band sets we can provide a DJ in the form of our drummer Andy, if required, who will make sure there is smooth transitions between all stages. After we have finished playing the DJ will then play again until it is time to go home, when usually the male guests all have rambo-tie head bands and are usually engaging in dance offs to 90s hip hop (If andy has anything to say about it). For us it is now time to start packing the cables up and to head home for a nice warm cuppa, after a mutually awesome night!

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