12 Jan

Hooch @ Hogans of Hale

The Hooch played at Hogans’ of Hale on Saturday.  Hogans is a great venue, with a bit open bar area, with a large newly refurbished stage at one end and upstairs they do food at Franc’s Bistro which I hear is pretty awesome.  Anyways, Saturday started off a little quiet as is standard for the first few weeks in January.  Every one is skint and on a fitness kick, (well that’s what it seems like to me!).  But it filled up towards half way through the gig.  The Gig was great, tried out a few new songs, and some that we haven’t played in a while.  We also set up a go-pro and filmed a little bit of the action, before the battery gave out:

This was a christmas present and i can see I be digging it out again faster that you can say ‘selfie stick’.

Anyway That is all for now, we’ll be back at hogans in a few weeks, see you then! 🙂


The Hooch – Party /wedding band

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